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Brake Repair and Replacement in Warminster, Pennsylvania

It is arguably the most important system on any vehicle, and potentially the one that could go wrong with the most catastrophic results. The brake system on any vehicle must function properly to allow the driver and passengers to travel in complete safety.

If something goes wrong with the brakes, then here at Bob's Brake Muffler & Auto Repair we have years of experience in fixing these problems and getting your vehicle back on the road as quickly and as safely as possible. There are a number of things that can go wrong and some obvious warning signs that drivers should look out for.

Normal wear and tear of any vehicle will take its toll on the braking system, as well as any other component. If the driver hears a grinding or screeching noise when he or she depresses the brake pedal, then it is a sure sign the brake pads need to be replaced and that is a straightforward job we can carry out at our brake repair shop in Warminster, Pennsylvania.

The driver could also experience pulsation, a shaking feeling, when the brake pedal is pressed down. Again that is a problem that must be sorted, as it could be an indication that the car has a warped rotor caused either by loose brake parts or a bent axle shaft.

In that situation, we can restore the faces of the rotors by resurfacing them and that should get rid of the pulsation you feel when you step on the brake. It is imperative that you bring the vehicle into our shop, otherwise the dangers of driving with faulty brakes are obvious.

At our premises we also deal with brake drum repairs, brake pad replacement, and all form of brake repairs, maintenance, upgrades and installation.

So trust the professionals at Bob's Brake Muffler & Auto Repair. If you have brake problems don’t waste time – call us on (215) 710-0456.