Bob's Brake Muffler & Auto Repair services

Brake Inspection and Muffler Repair in Warminster, Pennsylvania

Here at Bob's Brake Muffler & Auto Repair we have years of experience in repairing damage and replacing faulty components in all makes and models of vehicles. The main focus of our repair work is brakes, and we are expert in the field of recognizing what the problem is and putting it right. The dangers of driving with faulty brakes are blindingly obvious, and it is vital that you come to us and have them fixed. We also offer a high-tech computer-based diagnostic service that deals mostly with the check engine light.

Our mechanics will also carry out work on vehicle mufflers, catalytic converters, cooling systems, air conditioning systems, transmissions and radiators. We also provide a tune up service and urge all motorist to bring their vehicle in to us on a regular basis. We are accredited to carry out mechanical and emissions inspections on cars, which is required to be done every two years.


If you experience a shaking or pulsing when you put your foot on the brake, or your braking system stars screeching or making a grinding noise, then you should bring the car into us immediately as there is a fault with the system. It maybe that your brake pads need replaced, which we can do at our shop in Warminster, Pennsylvania, or it could be that you have a bent axle shaft or loose brake parts. Either way, let the professionals at Bob's Brake Muffler & Auto Repair fix the problem.


The mufflers on your vehicle are responsible for decreasing the noise coming from the exhaust. The emissions control from the exhaust is handled by the car’s catalytic converter which takes the toxic gases and pollutants and burns them into something less dangerous such as water vapor. If there are any problems with this system then the professional technicians here at Bob's Brake Muffler & Auto Repair can fix them for you.

Diagnostic Service

We have high-tech equipment at our shop in Warminster, Pennsylvania, that will diagnose what the problem is when the check engine on your car dashboard comes on. We plug a scanner into the vehicle, and the car sends the scanner a code telling the computer what is going on. Our technicians will the start testing and they will; be told which part has failed.

tune ups

It is essential for every motorist to take their car into us on a regular basis for a tune up. The standard tune up our mechanics provide here at Bob's Brake Muffler & Auto Repair involved changing the spark plugs, updating or changing out the filters, charging systems, an a/c service, minor electrical repairs, oil changes, and a few other services. Regular tune ups will ensure your vehicle is in tip top shape and should prevent any further damage occurring

a/c systems

The biggest problem that can occur in an air conditioning system is that it stops cooling the car down, loss of refrigerant, or loss of a major part. In below freezing temperatures that occur in a Pennsylvania winter the refrigerant can leak out a lot easier. At Bob's Brake Muffler & Auto Repair we would first look at the a/c problem, diagnose it, then make a recommendation to the customer and give them options.


There is no quick fix if something goes wrong with the transmission system in your vehicle. It is the component that controls the gear shifts in both automatic and manual systems and is vital for changing the speed-torque ratio and, without the computer-powered transmission, power from the engine cannot reach the wheels and the vehicle would not work. We will either remove or rebuild any faulty transmission or else replace it.

state inspections and emissions

Every vehicle owner in the US is required by state law to have annual or bi-annual inspections carried out on his or her car to test it for mechanical roadworthiness and emissions. The checks are designed to ensure your car is up to standard and safe to drive on the road. Inspections should also be done before you buy a car. We are certified to carry out the inspections and have our certificate renewed every two years.